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Flower Hall 2023 had the X factor

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There’s just something about mixing the smell of cannabis with the feeling (there’s an absolute sense) of being in wine country that showed off the best attendees walking through the gates of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds May 3-4 at the Hall of Flowers 2023 Truth be told, I think that’s the X factor in movement for display.

The team behind Hall of Flowers, which includes prolific juvenile producer Danny Diamond, took a chance on a new concept five years ago — an exclusive, invite-only experience connecting buyers of a cannabis brand directly with growers and extraction companies — and positioned it close to the epicenter of cannabis in North America. (shout out to the Humboldt County and Nevada City limits) as much as they can. After several successful events in Santa Rosa, Palm Springs, and one north of the border in Toronto, the creative gathering shows no sign of slowing down—and honestly, I hope it doesn’t.

Among the sea of ​​events plaguing our inboxes, begging for our attention and yearning for our resources, Hall of Flowers is one of the few that feels like a natural yes. It’s inviting and relaxed and is the exact juxtaposition of what’s laid out in the form of a typical cannabis convention, right down to the on-site offering and consumption samples.

“Again, even in a tough market, we put on a great show,” says Danny Diamond, CEO and founder of Hall of Flowers. “We continue to build an exceptional trade show that connects the right people with the right brands; we were excited to see a dedicated grower and small group area and look forward to this next show of ours. September in Toronto. “

Businessman and hip-hop star Berner at the 2023 Hall of Flowers.

As a buddy of the show, I was able to come, explore, experiment, and enjoy all that was new and returning. Walking the aisles, seeing smiles and shaking hands, and discovering new products felt like something out of a movie. Attendees were excited to receive freebies, interact with new products and understand why these brands are paying attention and earning their trust. I would be remiss if I did not give an honorable mention to the outdoor lawn hall.

This area, which is right in front of you as you walk through the gates, served as the actual area to meet up, (smoking joint together) and come back after hours of walking. This was also the area in which I learned the most. There were colorful stories of how people turned bad life situations into positive growth opportunities for a plant; how multi-million dollar brands got started; How were partnerships established? This has been slick To make meaningful and relaxed communications. One conversation that really caught my attention was with Dustin Koffler, CEO at GreenTank Technologies, a market leader in electronic cigarette combustion devices, which has received two times investment from Snoop Dogg It owns California-based Casa Verde Capital.

“In the past few years, it has become more about how the product is heated, versus what is actually being heated,” Koffler says. “We’re on a mission to change the way customers experience vaping and this type of delivery.”

And this was just one of many, many conversations. Everyone was smiling and happy to be in the moment, embracing a freedom as welcome as it is appreciated: enjoying cannabis legally. Sign me up for the next one.

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