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Nate Diaz refused to excuse pot for a drug test prior to the Jake Paul fight

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Nate Diaz and Jake Paul will face off in the ring on August 5 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Showtime’s eight-round pay-per-view (PPV) event is Diaz’s professional boxing debut following his decorated mixed martial arts (MMA) career as a UFC fighter.

Diaz’s request for an exemption was denied by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). TDLR contains a file A zero-tolerance policy for cannabis useHowever, Diaz manager Zack Rosenfeld asked for a release.

Questions arose about whether the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) – an organization that provides anti-doping practices and programs in boxing and mixed martial arts – might replace TLDR, MMA Fighting first. A TDLR spokesperson told Stephen Marocco of Fighting MMA that Diaz will be subject to the same rules Like everyone else in combat sports.

For now, it looks like Diaz will still be tested for THC.

“We will work with VADA on pre-fight testing and will comply with all VADA rules, as well as the rules and regulations set forth by the TDLR,” Real Fight, Inc said President and Diaz Director Zach Rosenfeld High times.

Many professional athletes know what they can and can’t get away with in regards to pot drug testing, and the timing involved. Diaz told reporters in a Press Conference, referring to a drug test sample. “There is a lot of weed in there [my system]. there.”

Diaz mocked Paul on Twitter, to which the former YouTuber responded. “Are you talking to Nathan?” pee He saidin response to Diaz tweet. “We haven’t forgotten that you tested positive for doping. You and your buddy Connor are juice heads. Let’s do 15 rounds and see how well your lungs eat away at cannabis. VADA will come to Stockton to slap you.”

If it had been a UFC fight, the request might have led to a different outcome. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has adopted guidelines to stop sanctioning UFC fighters when THC is detected in a drug test in 2021.

In addition to TDLR’s mandatory drug tests, Diaz and Paul will likely submit samples to VADA before and after their boxing match in Dallas.

Everything is on the line, at least for Paul’s boxing career. A surprise knockout from Tommy “The Truth” on February 26 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, cost many bettors. This makes Paul 6-1 in the boxing ring, beating AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley twice.

Paul has been subjected to drug tests many times Since turning from a YouTube star (along with his brother Logan) to boxing. Paul didn’t like being asked during an interview before the Diaz fight by a reporter Suggest he’s not destined for the Hall of Fame.

“Look, I’ve done more for the sport than any other boxer in current history,” said Paul. What did Floyd Mayweather do for women’s boxing? The list goes on. It changed the whole game, brought in 70 million new followers to the sport and earned more than some Hall of Fame inductees. Ryan Garcia-Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, 800,000 pay-per-views. I Tommy, 830,000. So, do you want to talk about Hall of Famers? Do you want to talk about resume? Yeah, I’m building it, buddy. I’m just getting started in this game. This is my eighth fight and I’m fighting Nate Diaz, one of the arts’ greatest fighters mixed martial arts in history. So, yeah, that’s my autobiography.”

Diaz and his brother, Nick, have been talking about fixing fate for years. The two eventually fired Game Up® NutritionA vegan wellness company that provides hemp-laden products, transgenics, and superfoods.

More than a decade ago, Nick told Los Angeles Times Disinfection method before drug testing. This came after winning by technical knockout (TKO). Frank Shamrock Back in 2009, he’s also an outspoken advocate for cannabis.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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