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John Mayer and friends perform at Yellowstone

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I missed the sudden breeze that tends to sweeten these parts as I stood in line on that hot August afternoon, waiting to enter Pine Creek Lodge, a relatively intimate music venue tucked beneath the Absaroka Range in Montana’s Paradise Valley. The lack of shade didn’t stop excited crowds from mingling, which is one of my favorite parts of the live music experience. Once the line started moving, I had the pleasure of meeting people from other states, many of whom were visiting Montana for the first time.

Outsiders are greeted with a love-for-neighbor spirit that encompasses much of the “Last Best Place”. Paradise Valley, in particular, attracts a huge number of tourists, of course, due to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park. But this past August, freshmen flocked to the valley for a different reason.

Living there part-time, music star John Mayer was hosting three shows at Pine Creek Lodge. The first concert featured Mayer with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. the second a comedy show by the hilarious (and often controversial) Dave Chappelle; and for the third, Mayer performed solo. The series, the first of its kind, was called Rising for the River.

Comedian Dave Chappelle joined John Mayer onstage at Pine Creek Lodge on August 14, 2022.

As the name suggests, Meyer has been working to provide economic relief to the community following the disastrous June 2022 flooding of the Yellowstone River. Take advantage of the proceeds from the event Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund.

The Livingston and Paradise Valley communities have taken a huge hit in projected tourism revenue. So, when Mayer announced he was hosting three intimate flood relief concerts, it was just the dose of magic Montana needed.

Where the actual Pine Creek flows into the Yellowstone River near Mayer’s Montana residence, so a favorite of multiple Grammy award winners, Pine Creek Lodge was a natural choice for the charity concert series.

I was there the first night, Aug. 8, when Mayer sang with the legendary Ware. Everything that night was extraordinary, as if it had been a dream. The traditional “open campus” aspect that Pine Creek Lodge was known for was a bit off. As expected, the tiny venue was very different from the last time Mayer and Weir took the stage with Dead & Company. The electricity in the air was palpable.

Performed by Bob Weir and John Mayer.  The stage at Pine Creek Lodge
Bob Weir and John Mayer perform an intimate show for an enthralled audience.

The two artists opened the show exchanging lead on “Friend of the Devil”. If I closed my eyes, I could be at any of the huge venues they play at—the George Amphitheater in Washington, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Colorado, or even The Forum in Los Angeles.

Instead, we were minutes from our home, saw an absolute musical supernova, and mourned together for the loss to the community from the Flood.

The results of the flood were devastating and far-reaching. Fishing guides couldn’t get to the river as soon as they wanted, let alone take reservations. Bartenders and other service industry workers weren’t getting their usual summer paychecks to help get through the winter. Then there are the old locals who live off the land and have lost almost everything.

Pine Creek Lodge is said to be one of the first music venues in the country to have an infirmary on site. Based in Bozeman Cold smoke organics Serendipitously, they began selling adult-use cannabis inside the venue the same night Meyer and Ware set the stage, setting the tone for what was to come.

Dispensary founder and legacy farmer Matt Kleiman says his desire to set up shop inside Pine Creek all comes down to human contact. “Music is a universal language, and so is cannabis,” he says. “I grew up with those two cultures melding together, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It just makes sense. We want to bring people together and be a part of what musicians really do.”

Cold Smoke Organics Dispensary at Pine Creek Lodge
Party-goers can purchase pre-rolls from Cold Smoke Organics at Pine Creek Lodge, one of the first music venues in the country with an on-site dispensary.

Cold Smoke Organics launched the summer music season with three pre-roll varieties: Shakedown, Setbreak, and Encore. Shakedown is made with Jack Herer, which is a sativa, intended to spice up your concert experience. Setbreak’s preset menus are a hybrid of Apple Fritter’s, blending a mid-show experience. Finally, Encore is made with Tre Star Dawg, a nod that hopes to take you straight into a post-show groove.

But none of that would be possible—cannabis or music—without the passion of Pine Creek Inn owner Chip Hurt. According to Kleiman, he said from the start, “Let’s go for it.”

What a night. strong. inspiring. Once in a lifetime. Whether you decide to light one up and pass it on, or simply soak up the energy and talent for this special occasion, everyone gathered there for an evening this city won’t soon forget. John Mayer’s love for this special corner of the planet was evident for all to see. The appearance of “Not Fade Away” is perhaps the best expression: “You know my love won’t fade away.”

This story was originally published in Issue 47 printed edition of hemp now.

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