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Hitoki Saber: Portable laser power

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When the Hitoki Trident laser-powered vaporizer debuted, it caught the attention of cannabis enthusiasts from Long Beach to Long Island. The patented device delivers the ultimate vaping experience with an ultra-modern edge. Now, founders Joe and Jack Tran are back again with the new Hitoki Saber, a smaller, more portable offering of Trident. Saber claims to be the world’s first modular laser that can be attached to a water pipe.

I wanted to learn more about the Saber, so I spoke to the Tran brothers to get some solid advice on using the device to get the best results before trying it out for myself.

Top features of Saber

Saber uses the same laser technology as the Hitoki’s trident, so it’s an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers – no need for butane or even hemp wicks to burn your buds. Like Trident, Saber brings you the cleanest, most flavorful smoking experience by burning cannabis with light energy, giving you a clean hit that lets you savor your own floral flavor. Trying terp tastings is Joe’s favorite thing about Saber, and he says it has to be seasoned first-hand to understand the difference.

“The super pungent, subtle aroma and delicious taste that lingers when using a laser as a source of combustion is unparalleled as far as I’ve experienced it,” says Joe. “When you have some excellent stuff and you hit it with a laser—even after the hit, when you inhale and exhale—every breath brings back the smell and the taste. You have to experience it to understand and appreciate the experience.”

hituki saber Modular design Allows for easy use with any 14mm or 18mm piece of glass. This adaptability is Jack’s favorite aspect of the device. “I love seeing how the Saber fits seamlessly into all types of rigs,” he says.

The unique modular design makes it easy to use and clean. Saber is multifunctional, which means it works with both florals and concentrates. Plus, it has three temperature settings, with blue being the highest for concentrates; green for more intense and fresher blends; and red for a drier flower.

According to Joe, part of what makes Saber so easy to use is that it was specifically designed around feedback from Hitoki Trident customers. “Our customers wanted glass instead of acrylic, something that didn’t tip as easily, was more compact and easier to handle. So, we designed Saber to be lighter and more compact,” says Joe.

Hitoki Saber is the world’s first modular water pipe.

Hitoki’s dedication to satisfying her customers is evident with the new Saber.

“We always want to create things that everyone can enjoy, and the smaller size fits with people’s lifestyles,” Jack adds.

The Saber is not only easy to use and take with you, but it is also very effective. (It is laser-powered, after all.)

“Hitoki’s products are laser designed for customers to get the most out of their flowers or extracts,” says Joe. “A significant portion of our customers have told us that they consume less with the same effect.”

As with anything new, there is a learning curve to using the Hitoki Saber. And when it comes to getting the most out of your device and having the best experience possible, the Tran brothers remind customers to remember these three things for great draws every time:

Always use the device’s dual tool: “The pointed tip is for clearing out air holes that might be clogged. The flat tip flattens the surface of the flower, allowing the laser to get an even flare. This means that the glowing ember will spread evenly throughout the loading chamber as you draw.”

Don’t hit it like a pong or poop; Hit it like a vaporizer: “For best results, take a relaxed, medium to long inhale to give the laser time to build embers. The resulting exhale produces nice dense clouds of vapor and a better tasting experience.”

Keep it clean. “After every 10-30 strokes, give it a good clean. Doing so will make cleaning easier the next time you need to clean it and keep everything tasting the way the artisan farmers intended.”

My experience using Hitoki Saber

Full disclosure: I am already a fan of Hitoki’s flagship Trident laser bong and was excited to try out the new Saber to see how the smaller version would hold up compared to the original.

The first thing I noticed upon unboxing the Saber was the noticeable size difference compared to the Trident missile. It’s a much more portable device, which makes it ideal for on-the-go icons. You can throw Saber in your backpack and easily take it wherever you go. But don’t be fooled by its small size – the Saber still holds plenty of punch and can be used 60 times per charge. A full charge takes 45 minutes.

The next thing you notice is how luxurious the device is. Upgrading to a glass chamber makes it feel sturdy and has a good weight.

OK, five stars for the look, but how well does it work?

I quickly detached the laser chamber by turning it counterclockwise and loaded the ceramic heating chamber with some delicious organically grown wedding cake. Jack’s words echoed in my ears as I remembered to pop the flower with the flat side of the double metal tool. The loading chamber can hold 0.2, 0.3 or 0.5 grams of flower. Then I reassembled the base and attached it to Hitoki’s glass bubble. The stage is set – it’s time to light the lasers.

Following the instructions, I clicked the top button five times to power up the Hitoki Saber and heat up the laser. Depending on your preference, you can switch between three power levels by clicking the button to cycle to your preferred temperature setting. I decided on green for the delicious spruce ground buds. I double-clicked the button again to activate the laser, which lasted for ten seconds (alternatively, you can hold it while you inhale and release it when you’re done). I remembered Joe’s advice and drew attention long and slowly, fully realizing the delicious taste of the flower. The resulting exhale was a cloudy plume that made me feel relaxed and euphoric.

The high quality Hitoki Saber is packed with features that make it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and effective conversation starter. The updated modular design is easy to use and despite its small size, this cool cylindrical device really delivers a great experience.

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