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Michigan officials are moving to end pre-employment marijuana testing for government workers

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Michigan officials are proposing to end pre-employment drug testing for marijuana for most state job applicants, while giving people already penalized for positive THC tests an opportunity to have their sentence retroactively overturned.

The Michigan Civil Service Commission released the proposed amendments to the state employment law on Friday, opening a public comment period on the two policies.

Michigan voters legalized the medical use of marijuana in 2008 and Adult recreational use in 2018John Gnodtek, the state personnel director, wrote in a note. “In light of these changes, the commissioners have requested distribution for public comment on potential bylaws amendments to end pre-employment testing requirements for marijuana for classified employees hired in non-testing positions.”

“The termination of pre-employment testing for marijuana will not affect the availability of reasonable suspicion or follow-up testing for marijuana to classified employees, including candidates who become employees,” the notice says.

The first change would modify existing code that states that state agencies must drug applicants for drug testing for cannabis and other substances by adding language that says, “Except that the hiring authority does not require marijuana testing for pre-employment drug testing for a new employee in a position, this is not a specific test.” “.

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