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The New Hampshire Senate schedules a marijuana legalization bill as a new compromise emerges in the House

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The New Hampshire Senate has set aside another bill to legalize marijuana, with the governor projecting that a separate plan to create a state-run cannabis market that he now supports is likely to be considered by lawmakers “next year.”

Meanwhile, however, House lawmakers are now debating pursuing compromise legislation next week that could be attached to an unrelated Senate bill that would provide a mix of state-run and privately licensed cannabis stores while also allowing existing medical cannabis dispensaries to serve Adults – market use.

It’s not clear if the Senate would approve the replacement proposal, which is scheduled to be considered by a House committee in the coming days — but on Thursday senators introduced the separate non-commercial legalization measure from Kevin Fairville (R) in a 24-0 vote. The chamber also designated a separate bill to allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own plants, voting 16-8 on the table for that measure as well.

Submitting a bill does not mean that the proceedings are dead. Senators can take it back if they wish, but if they don’t act by the end of the session, the legislation will be defeated at that point.

These last votes come one week later

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