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Tennessee governor signs bill to regulate Delta-8 THC

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While medical cannabis and adult use remains illegal in Tennessee, it is very easy to find hemp-derived delta-8 THC products marketed as psychoactive including vape gigs and dabs. But a new bill would regulate delta-8-THC products for adults 21 and over with testing and tax requirements.

State House Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland) and Senator Richard Briggs (R-Knoxville) Submit a bill on January 25 to regulate products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, the second time such a bill has been introduced.

Governor Bill Lee (R-Tennessee) has signed a bill to regulate delta-8 THC products in a similar way to hemp products. Senate Bill 0378 and the accompanying bill in the lower room House Bill 0403 It will tax and regulate cannabinoids derived from hemp through what some describe as synthetic processes.

The bill would ensure delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived products are scrutinized by the Department of Agriculture.

While in the wild, hemp contains negligible levels of delta-8-THC, in order to obtain high levels of the compound, “artificially high levels of delta-8-THC are produced by chemical conversion of CBD or delta-9 THC through a process known as isomerization,” Dale Gehringer of NORML Explain.

Often the concern is potentially hazardous residues that could be avoided if products were regulated in a similar way to products made from hemp-derived hemp.

“Delta-8 has not been fully regulated up to this point, and what the bill is trying to do is reassure the public and the consumer that the product they are buying is what it says it is, that it does not contain contaminants,” said Sen. Briggs. “We will not sell it to people under 21.”

“We started where we have one side that says, ‘Let’s do something,’” Senator Briggs said. “You have the other side that says ban them.” “By working together, we were able to meet in the middle.”

Brigg’s co-sponsor simply wanted Delta-8 THC products to be out of the reach of minors.

“Delta-8 is a legal substance that can be sold and packaged in the form of candy or gum; it often contains a very high concentration of THC,” MP Lamberth said. There are no regulations and no legitimate way for anyone to know exactly what they are buying. It prevents a child from buying a Delta 8″.

New rules for hemp-derived cannabinoids in Tennessee

The bill would ban the sale of hemp-derived cannabis products to people under the age of 21; add an additional 5% sales tax on any product sold in the store; and establishing a process for licensing, quality testing, regulation, and enforcement through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

The bill will establish regulations to ensure inspection and packaging requirements. Companies will be subject to third-party lab testing and required to put their products in child-resistant packaging.

“Food-grade staples,” Devin Aracena, co-founder and CEO Canvas Supplies CompanyAnd Tell WKRN. “The same standard that you want to see your grocery store packaged food held, we’ll hold those products to as well.”

Some cannabis sellers in the state support the new law.

Aracena joined with Tennessee agriculturea coalition of businesses and professionals who promote cannabis and cannabis, to help craft legislation.

Representative of the House of Representatives from Tennessee GA Hardaway is a co-sponsor of the bill on the part of the House of Representatives, W Tell ABC 24 states that this is what cannabis companies need to do if they want to be taken seriously.

“This gives us an opportunity to take a serious approach to hemp oil and CBD oil, and in doing so, to start a real discussion –[an] Smart discussion – about marijuana, Hardaway said.

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