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Connecticut House passes marijuana prisoner release bill and sends it to the Senate

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The Connecticut House of Representatives approved a bill to build on marijuana legalization and overturn state law by requiring courts to reduce sentences or dismiss charges for a broader range of cannabis-related convictions and, in turn, release people currently incarcerated on those charges. fees.

After the Joint Judiciary Committee recessed in late March, the legislation passed the full House by a vote of 138-10 on Thursday. It is now awaiting action in the Senate.

As introduced, the bill would have required plaintiffs to dismiss marijuana charges for an activity made legal, but lawmakers approved an amendment that removes that language after State attorneys across Connecticut proactively facilitated relief in more than 1,500 cases after the age of ratification.

The amended legislation says courts and judges must issue or amend sentences for marijuana violations related to cannabis drug paraphernalia and the sale or possession of up to four ounces of marijuana, as well as personal home cultivation.

The person will no longer need to file a petition for relief under the revised law.

Here are the specific offenses subject to appeal and possible release from prison, according to an official summary of the bill:

1. Use

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