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Carnival Cruise Line To Continue Using Drug Dogs Amidst Spread Of Destiny

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Carnival Cruises will continue to deploy drug-sniffing dogs to search for pot and other drugs, according to a brand ambassador who confirmed the cruise line’s drug policy on Tuesday.

Don’t plan on smoking if you’re vacationing on a cruise: Carnival Cruise Line (CCL), Royal Caribbean (RCL), Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH), and every other major cruise line operating in or leaving US ports bans cannabis consumption on-board. Most of them display “drug-free zone” signs on the ship and enforce a zero-tolerance policy.

Cruise lines follow federal law, which trumps state laws, though their ships are not flagged in the US, so cannabis is prohibited in nearly every circumstance. The open seas aren’t actually outlawed, laws usually extend for miles of shore, and most cruises stop in multiple countries.

the Gwinnett Daily Post reports Carnival Cruises won’t be changing its cannabis policy any time soon, after a brand ambassador outlined the cruise line’s efforts to control cannabis use on board.

“For the drug detection dogs, let me say that they, along with our zero-tolerance rules and enforcement, have made a huge difference to the problem of people thinking it is legal and allowed to use marijuana on their cruise. It is not,” he said. Carnival Brand Ambassador John Held to publish on his Facebook page on May 23.

Some cruise guests have complained about the weed smell that is common on cruises. Passengers say they get it while ships dock at ports and when they venture into the city.

“They really need more drug dogs when we get back on the ship because people are picking up drugs in the ports and that’s when I smell marijuana on the balconies,” one commenter named Janet responded to Held’s page.

Drug, dog and cannabis sniffing problems

There are a few problems with using dogs to sniff out drugs and pot. Commentators have raised concerns about allergies to dogs that may intrude on privacy.

Held continued, “These highly trained, intelligent dogs are used on take off, and sometimes not every cruise will sail on every ship with their trainers. Again, ships are big enough for this purpose.” [to] Not to be a concern for anyone with an allergy…”

It turned out to be a file Washington Post This same question came up this past March, and a CCL representative confirmed the cruise line’s cannabis policy.

“In case of any confusion, allow me to remind guests that although marijuana and hemp products may be legal in some states, we are required to follow federal law regardless of the law in the state in which you may board your ship,” CCL President Christine Duffy Tell the Washington Post.

As dozens of states have legalized cannabis in one form or another, drug dogs in general are losing jobs in droves. in other cases, Drug sniffing dogs are trained to ignore cannabis. Why? Basic expose from Chicago Tribune In 2011, she claimed that drug-sniffing dogs could pick up on and follow their handlers’ biases and prejudices.

It’s not just dogs. China recruits drug-sniffing red squirrelswhile Honeybees could soon become your next natural medicine locater. Researchers at the University of Cologne, Germany, recently published a study in the journal Plus onetitled “Discovery of Illegal Drugs by Trained Honeybees,” which shows the promise they have in law enforcement.

Cruise passengers caught with cannabis are usually punished quickly, and often start the cruise at the next port.

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