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Is the DEA issuing new rules for Delta-8 THC?

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In this week’s cannabis news report, the DEA considers issuing new rules for Delta-8 THC and CBD; Country music star Paul Cauthen debuts new single “Wild Man” after his drug arrest. Bipartisan Ohio lawmakers reintroduced a cannabis legalization bill and Lil’ Kim announced plans to launch her own cannabis brand Aphrodisiac in Las Vegas.

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The DEA can issue new rules for Delta-8 THC, regulations impose on CBD

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is proposing revisions to federal drug control laws that could effectively ban nearly all Delta-8 THC products currently available. This proposal could significantly disrupt the country’s $5 billion CBD industry.

Under the Farm Act of 2018, products containing Delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived cannabinoids are federally legalized. These products have gained immense popularity in states where there are no regulated markets for adult use of cannabis. CBD products, which can be converted into the intoxicating Delta-8 THC through a chemical process, have gained significant traction.

However, Delta-8 THC and other newly identified cannabinoids, many of which have unknown or poorly understood safety profiles, have attracted increasing attention from lawmakers and law enforcement agencies. Although 14 states have completely banned Delta-8 THC, it is still sold online, in smoke shops and other retail establishments.

Hemp is defined as a cannabis plant containing 0.3% THC or less by dry weight. Critics argue that the booming trade in cannabis derived from hemp deviates from Congress’ original intent when legalizing cannabis. They claim that the industry is taking advantage of a loophole that the DEA now intends to close with the proposed changes.

Suggested changes According to federal drug laws, this would include any cannabinoid that is “synthetically manufactured rather than extracted from a plant.” Since most Delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived intoxicating cannabinoids are typically produced through a chemical process using CBD as a source material (referred to as “chemical synthesis” in the presentation), they will be classified as controlled substances.

The exact timeline under the Controlled Substances Act that the DEA intends to propose for Delta-8 and other synthetic cannabinoids remains uncertain. In addition, it is unclear how committed the DEA is to implementing these regulations.

If implemented, the DEA’s new rules on Delta-8 THC would effectively ban all cannabis-containing products currently available. Moreover, the proposal will greatly affect the market for CBD products, leading to a drastic shift.

Watch Paul Cauthen’s “Wild Man” video.

Paul Cauthen shares his single “Wild Man” four days after his drug arrest

Just days after you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, Singer-songwriter Paul Cauthen He surprised fans by releasing a new song called “Wild Man”. The arrest took place on the morning of Thursday, May 18, in Palms Island, South Carolina, approximately 80 miles from Cauthen’s scheduled performance that evening at Suck Bang Blow in Murrells Inlet, SC. The charges included possession of a Schedule I controlled substance and manufacture and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute them in Schedules I, II and III. Cauthen posted bail of $27,275 and was released later that day.

In a social media post Monday, Cauthen confirmed that he was arrested for possession of cannabis, saying, “I was arrested last week on a tour of South Carolina for possession of cannabis and I want to clarify some of what is being said. I am not a drug dealer and I don’t ‘make’ drugs.” The legal process would end and my side of the story would be told, hell or high water.Amidst all hell last week a good friend reached out with his support (as did so many of those I respect and love) and told me to keep my head up and end it by calling me a “wild man”. So, I had to go ahead and release this song today. This is for everyone who has reached out and supported me. I love you all.”

As a result of the arrest, Cauthen had to cancel upcoming concerts in Knoxville and Hurricane Mills, TN, which were scheduled for Friday and Saturday, respectively. The cancellations were attributed to “extenuating circumstances”. The show at Suck Bang Blow on Thursday was also canceled, though the venue cited weather conditions as the reason.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning when an officer from the Palm Island Police Department noticed Kothen’s excursion bus was parked illegally and detected the distinctive smell of cannabis as he passed by the vehicle. The officer approached two people outside the bus, including Cauthen himself. As they interacted, the musician admitted that there were ounces of cannabis on the bus. However, according to the police report, officers discovered and seized approximately four ounces, along with other items, including a white powdery substance in a small tube, pink oval three-and-a-half pills, and two round, pink, clear pills. A plastic bag containing another white powdery substance.

While at the scene, Kawthar confessed to the officers that the pills were Xanax and diazepam and that he did not have a prescription for them. He claimed ownership of all the cannabis on the bus, which amounted to just under four ounces, as well as the pills. However, no one on the bus was responsible for the pulverized material. Due to the weight of the detected cannabis, Cauthen was charged with the manufacture and possession of the controlled substance with the intent of distribution. He also received an additional holding fee for the grain.

A statue of William McKinley stands in front of the Ohio State House in Columbus, Ohio.
Ohio State House in Columbus, Ohio. photo jack

Bipartisan Ohio lawmakers are reintroducing a cannabis legalization bill as the ballot campaign moves forward

A bipartisan group of Ohio lawmakers has reintroduced a bill to legalize adult use of cannabis. Previous attempts by Ohio legislators to legalize farming and possession for adults ages 21 and older through the legislative process have been unsuccessful.

known b Ohio Adult Employment Act, House Bill 168 Sponsored by Republican Representative Jamie Callender and Democratic State Representative Casey Weinstein. Retail cannabis sales are subject to a 10% tax, in line with the rate proposed in the ballot initiative. Furthermore, the bill offers the possibility of expunging criminal convictions related to the cultivation and possession of marijuana.

If passed, the newly renamed Marijuana Control Division would regulate the commercial cultivation, processing and sale of medical cannabis and adult use in the Buckeye State. This regulatory body will oversee the implementation and enforcement of regulations in the industry.

“It’s time for Ohio to act on this before we fall far behind our neighbors,” Weinstein said in a press release. “Adult use [cannabis] It’s good for our economy, it’s good for our justice system and it’s the right thing to do.”

At the same time, there is a campaign underway to collect signatures for a legal adult use ballot initiative that may be presented to voters in November. Ohioans are actively engaging in a signature collection campaign to put an adult cannabis use initiative on the ballot in November. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol introduced a proposal to legalize using an initiated act, a legal method that allows citizens to propose amendments to state law. To meet the July 5 deadline, the coalition aims to collect approximately 124,000 signatures from at least 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties. Many are optimistic that this goal can easily be achieved, given the level of support and enthusiasm surrounding the initiative.

Gracie Mali’s photo for cannabis now

Lil’ Kim launches Aphrodisiak in Las Vegas

Famed rapper Lil’ Kim and her Afrodisiac co-star Priscilla Vilches, auteur of “Hollywoodcoin,” launched the cannabis brand Afrodisiac in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“As women entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to support other women and marginalized groups,” says Lil’ Kim. “We are proud to be part of a brand that not only delivers amazing products but is also making a difference in the world.”

Premium Afrodisiac product line It features a variety of carefully designed cannabis strains and products to enhance intimacy and pleasure. The brand debuted its shows at the famous Planet 13 dispensary in Las Vegas with a meet-and-greet for fans.

“We want to create a brand that empowers and uplifts women and promotes healthy and enjoyable relationships,” says Vilches. “We are proud to partner with Lil Kim, who shares our vision to create an inclusive, empowering, and forward-thinking brand.”

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