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Luxury meets cannabis conference in new york city

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On May 18th and 19th, retailers, buyers and investors attended the exclusive, invitation-only Luxury Meets Cannabis conference in Manhattan, New York. Billed as the first B2B business event of its kind, the prestigious two-day event was an opportunity for premium cannabis, CBD and cannabis brands to connect with New York’s burgeoning adult use market.

Unlike other trade fairs, the aesthetics of LMCC were similar to an Apple Store—spacious, white, and inviting. Dozens of brands attended, with specially designed seating areas for talks. In addition to the Retail Expo, there were some notable speakers covering some of the hot topics, including “New York Cannabis Retail Comes Alive: OR Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Wasn’t (No) Afraid to Ask,” by the Oversight Board New York State Cannabis and Bloomberg News and Expo Tremaine WrightChair, Cannabis Control Board, New York State Office of Cannabis Management.

When I first walked in and started making my rounds, I immediately noticed wrapping what looked like a snoozing teddy bear and headed in that direction. A smiling man greeted me with a firm handshake. It turned out to be Kyle Paradiso, the CEO of the company Sleepy Bear Gummies. Natural sleep aids are redefining the word “wellness” and how it relates to the sale of cannabis and CBD products.

Paradiso, a former Army Ranger, suffered multiple spinal cord injuries that led to his early medical retirement from the Army at the age of 24 in 2016. He suffered from chronic pain as a result, experiencing many sleepless nights and seeking solace in CBD and cannabis , which eventually changed his approach to wellness and provided a huge relief.

Sleepy Candy Bear at the Luxury Meets Cannabis conference.

“Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach nor should CBD be used,” Paradiso says. “Getting the active substance, be it THC-v or CBD, into the bloodstream and doing what needs to be done for relief is what matters. My goal is to offer the fastest, most effective edibles on the market.” And he’s not wrong, most people avoid gummies because of their ambiguous dosage and onset time – I know I do.

Continuing on the show, some other brands stood out to me including Dad Grass, Pamos beverages, and Drew Martin pre-rolls. Dad Grass for its friendly, nostalgic packaging, its ability to be aware of its market situation and its X factor as a CBD pre-release not looking to get you high at all; Instead, he wants to calm you down with a glass of wine, so you can stay in the moment while your friends partake in the strong weed. Bamboos is a tasty, well-branded infused drink that leaves a minimal, weed-like aftertaste, which played really well in Sober California crowd.

What I appreciate about Drew Martin’s pre-roll is its ability to make a standard joint look and feel beautiful. The brand blends cannabis with natural botanicals, so you get a fizzy joint versus the standard scents we’re all so used to. They provide high and low doses, so you can relax with friends or with your thoughts while grounded, engaged, and immersed in the moment.

Overall, the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference was a great event with positive energy. I’m glad I had the opportunity to come and see firsthand the direction New York City is taking with its “luxury” narrative.

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