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Superstar High: Famous Cannabis Brands

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Celebrities are synonymous with selling brand products, but only a few big name brands are proven to offer quality merchandise. The same trend is present in the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry. But who are the actors, artists, and athletes behind brands that are worth your hard-earned cash? Here is a list of popular cannabis brands (and their products) that honor quality as much as they do star power.

Image courtesy of 22Red

Chavo Odajian | 22 red

It may not seem like heavy metal usually goes hand in hand with cannabis culture, but Chavo Odadjian is changing that on his own. Bassist Down System and leader of the highly acclaimed band sold boutique cannabis strains and products under the brand 22 red Since California legalized adult use in 2016.

What sets his weed apart from the rest is that the 22Red strain is grown for musicians, artists, and designers, with the goal of bringing out the creativity within.

Ricky Williams Rowling joint Flower Heisman
Image courtesy of Highsman

Ricky Williams | Heisman

After another athlete was stigmatized for using cannabis during his impressive NFL career, the former Pro Bowl running back Ricky Williams I went from serving nearly two years of marijuana-related suspense to becoming the name behind a well-respected and growing cannabis company.

HeismanIn an explicit nod to the Most Valuable Player Trophy claimed by the University of Texas at Austin, provides top-notch cannabis strains that can be enjoyed by fans and athletes alike. The breakthrough, however, is Ricky Baker, a collaboration with former football player Chris Paul, which was genetically developed to help relieve common aches and inflammation in athletes.

Celebrity cannabis brands Bella Thorne Forbidden Flowers
Image courtesy of Forbidden Flowers

Bella Thorne | forbidden flowers

Having alternated as a Disney darling, pop singer, and in-demand actress, Bella Thorne She’s also now become a bad manager since launching her own cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers.

Quality speaks for itself –forbidden flowers Partners with reputable Santa Barbara farmers Glass House Farms — but Thorne says her mission is to provide products that empower women to reap the health benefits without any judgment or stigma. Who wouldn’t stand behind it?

Colorful Jeter Coils
Image courtesy of Jeter

Dwyane Wade | Jeter

Former NBA champion Miami Heat and soon-to-be Hall of Famer are just enough titles for Dwyane Wade. The now-retired star adds the cannabis author and spokesperson to the list.

After publishing his autobiography, Wade went on to release limited edition pre-rolls produced by the California company Jeter. The three packs of the special flavors come packaged in a box that mimics a copy of Wade’s book.

Backup lists willy
Image courtesy of Willie’s Reserve

Willie Nelson | Willy Reserve

Quite possibly the most famous musical act synonymous with 420 culture, so it makes perfect sense that Willie Nelson’s label of pot would be on this list.

Launch of the famous outlaw Willy Reserve in 2016. Not surprisingly, his young strains are of such high quality, but Nelson is also committed to producing sustainably grown cannabis that is sourced from independently owned farms.
and farmers.

Cheech and Chong Celebrity Cannabis Brands
Photo courtesy of Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co.

Cheech Marin + Tommy Chung | Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co.

The comedic duo built their early careers on the plant — beginning way back when marijuana was considered highly disruptive — to the point that Tommy Chong He was jailed for simply selling smoking accessories online.

Now that cannabis is almost no longer taboo, Chung has teamed up with Cheech Marin to tap into an emerging legal market with their very own line of boutique cannabis, Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co., as well as the privilege of the dispensary. While the comic stone pair offers their own line of top-shelf products, including flowers, extracts, and foods, they also carry a chain of brick-and-mortar stores titled Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co.

Mike Bates Celebrity Cannabis Brands
Image courtesy of Tyson 2.0

Mike Tyson | Tyson 2.0

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson was once fined in 2000 for testing positive for marijuana. More than two decades later, the now iconic bruise is his business. The Tyson 2.0 line of cannabis products offers its share of high-quality strains, pre-rolled joints, and concentrates.

But the undisputed champion of clever marketing goes to Mike BatesTyson’s line of soaked gummy candies molded into the shape of a compressed ear. The packaging and design are a mischievous nod to his infamous disqualification of biting rival Evander Holyfield during a title fight in 1997.

Hemp products by Dr. Greenthump
Image courtesy of Dr

Cypress Hill | Dr. Greenthump

Los Angeles hip-hop stars Cypress Hill are another act who took credit for championing cannabis years before it was even considered commercial.

while Dr. Greenthamp’s Infirmary Serving SoCal for quite some time, the rap group recently launched a new line of artisanal cannabis that caters to specific budgets. Venus comes in three categories: Loyal for the budget-conscious, Legacy for casual consumers, and Unapologetic, for those willing to pay top dollar for the best cuts available.

Celebrity Cannabis Brands Belushi Pre Rolls Farm
Image courtesy of Belushi Farm

Jim Belushi | Belushi farm

Perhaps best known as the dad of the TV sitcom for the better part of two decades, Jim Belushi He traded studio audiences for his fledgling cannabis empire.

his brand, Belushi farmDon’t play with words. He does, in fact, live and work on his ranch in Oregon. While most celebrities are content with just smacking their endorsement of a product, Belushi is out in the fields growing and cultivating cannabis. In fact, Belushi can be seen plowing his fields in the Discovery Channel TV series, Growing Belushi. Among his brand’s offerings is Belushi’s Chasing Magic, a line of cannabis flowers available at Oregon dispensaries.

This story was originally published in Issue 47 printed edition of hemp now.

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