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Medical cannabis in the UK: From food and tent growth to dry sieving and bud rot prevention

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Medical cannabis in the UK: From food and tent growth to dry sieving and bud rot prevention

The use of medical cannabis is gaining in popularity, with more and more countries around the world incorporating it into their legal healthcare. These products provide a large number of potential therapeutic benefits for various medical conditions.

The landscape of medical cannabis use has gradually changed in the UK, as there are now more opportunities for patients and researchers to explore further. This article briefly takes you through everything you need to know about medical cannabis in the UK while exploring alternative methods of consumption and production.

What is medical cannabis?

In simple terms, medical cannabis is marijuana that is prescribed to a patient by a licensed health practitioner in an effort to relieve symptoms of certain diseases.

Medical cannabis can be prescribed to help relieve symptoms of pain, nausea, and even insomnia. It has also shown amazing benefits for people suffering from digestive issues, sleep disorders and mental disorders. Hemp has been used as a product medical alternative for centuries but regulations have only gotten better over the past few decades.

Today, to obtain legal medical cannabis in the UK, you will have to obtain approval and a prescription from licensed companies such as Releaf.

production improvement

Due to the legalization of medical cannabis in the UK, there have been much better production methods, allowing researchers and growers to ensure they are getting the best quality strains possible.

One of the most interesting aspects of the legal cannabis landscape in the UK is tent use. These are enclosed, self-contained tent units that provide a controlled environment for growing and growing cannabis plants.

Moreover, tent cultivation enables farmers to reduce the incidence of bud rot, which is one of the biggest challenges faced by cannabis growers and researchers. With this controlled setup and with extra maintenance, you can easily avoid these issues.

These tents help growers customize various factors, including lighting, ventilation, humidity, and more. In essence, it helps designated growers create an ideal environment for growing specific strains with desirable characteristics.

Various means of consumption

The traditional way of consuming cannabis has always been through smoking. Some companies that offer medical cannabis, such as Releaf, also offer vaporizers, which give users a better alternative to consuming medical cannabis by burning.

However, besides burning and vaping, you can also consume medical cannabis in the form of food items. Foods are typically made by infusing cannabis extracts into food products, such as chocolate, gummies, or baked goods. These products provide a more confidential and patient-friendly method consume hempEspecially for those who prefer not to smoke.

It is also easier for the consumer to get accurate doses when using food items, unlike smoking, where one may not know exactly where and when to stop. This means that it is much easier to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

Cannabis use and processing

Your medical cannabis provider will walk you through how to properly process and consume your cannabis. However, dry sieving is one of the more popular techniques that is worth mentioning and is gaining in popularity in the UK.

This method involves using sieves to separate the tricolor glands from the plant matter. This results in a concentrated and potent form of cannabis. Dry screening fractionation also makes it possible to extract trichomes that contain a greater proportion of cannabinoids and the terpenes directly responsible for the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids.

By dry sifting the hash, you can prepare it for consumption in any way you like, including smoking, steaming, or marinating it as an edible food.


While medical cannabis has made great strides in the UK, it would be wise to note that its regulatory framework remains complex. This medicine is prescribed as a medical alternative only when most conventional treatments don’t seem to work.

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