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The state of Georgia grants the first two licenses to produce medical cannabis

ATLANTA - The agency responsible for Georgia's medical cannabis program granted the first two production licenses for a product approved by the General Assembly...

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Do you even trip, brother? A look at psychedelic masculinity, from Joe Rogan to Mike Tyson

This article was originally published dope lights It is shown here with permission. Professional athletes and men's health experts turn to psychedelics to explore their...


Meet the Director of Cannabis Policy in New York

As part of the New York Cannabis Control Council (CCB) Meeting On August 15, 2022,...
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Thai Hemp Association signs agreement with 12 major industries

The Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA) said it has signed a cooperation agreement with 12 manufacturing industries to promote innovations and technology for...

California utility targeted Asians in pot searches

Exceptional use of electricity has long been a clear sign of illegal homes producing thousands of marijuana plants hidden in seemingly ordinary homes,...

The Pennsylvania Company says it will invest $10.9 million in a North Carolina fiber plant

A Pennsylvania company said it plans to invest $10.9 million in a new hemp fiber processing facility in North Carolina. BIOPHIL Natural Fibers, Phoenixville,...


Add Hemp Seeds To Your Diet

Β Leading researchers have claimed that hemp seeds are not a by-product of the hemp plant anymore. Hemp seeds have immense health benefits and...

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