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Thursday 30 June 2022 | Kaiser Health News

The FDA says that use of the abortion pill is limited to 10 weeks. Others say longer The World Health Organization now says...


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European cannabis groups will consider innovation financing strategies

A group of seven European cannabis organizations will consider strategies for funding innovative initiatives in a Web Talk Scheduled for Tuesday, July 5. The...

Cannabis Awareness – The Cannabis World

Co-founders of the cannabis brand Swami's choiceNikki Lastretto and Swami Chaitanya, they spent many years on a spiritual path that included residing in...

Getting Colombia out of the cannabis ban will boost the cannabis sector

In a sharp turn away from embargo-based policy, Colombia will seek to benefit from small-scale cannabis producers and agricultural cooperatives, according to a government...

Cannabis – one test for cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids

Feed by weed.co.za Canlab It is a private consulting analysis laboratory, providing cannabis testing services for people: patients, caregivers, consumers, clinicians, producers, growers, breeders, researchers,...

A Utah-based tribe has launched a company to develop a wide range of cannabis products

The Ute Native American Tribe has launched a company to produce a wide range of hemp-based products, according to an announcement this week. The...


The Freedom Convoy Protest: A Definite Account from the Cannabis Perspective

In the early days of January 2022, everyone knew the Omicron variant wasn’t that deadly. The original strain had a 99% survival rate for...

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