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How popular is the inherited cannabis market?

How popular is a file cannabis Heritage market? New report in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs Confirm what many know. High prices...

Georgia voters agree to marijuana legalization ballot question

Georgia voters sent a marijuana message to state lawmakers, approving a ballot Tuesday that would express their support for legalizing adult use of cannabis. Democratic...

Are tobacco and alcohol companies still interested in cannabis?

An analyst with experience overseeing tobacco and alcohol operators thinks there is no doubt that these companies want a piece of the cannabis pie,...

The city is still a place to call home

Over the course of its residential life, the CBD property market in Melbourne has had a long and volatile history. There is no period...

Cannabis has more room to grow in Canada

The cannabis market in Canada has seen better days. Over the past few weeks, many Canadian operators Earnings reports issued Show the sequential decline in...

How cannabis legalization is changing cities in the US

How cannabis legalization is changing cities in the US The topic of cannabis can be a taboo subject in...

Cannabis drug testing is the partial cause of America’s truck driver shortage

The American Trucking Association issued a statement in October 2021, citing retired veterans and low wages as a partial reason for the shortage of...

Kansas lawmakers plan to work on medical marijuana over the summer as the 2022 hearing ends

Efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas are effectively dead for 2022, with the Senate main speaker conceding Monday that the reform will have...

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